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Choosing ECO-friendly Lighting for your Business or Home

Making sustainable choices for your business or home isn’t always easy. Each year brings new technologies, new standards and requirements. Too many choices, needs and wants can easily confuse anyone.

 You care about the environment. Because you are part of it. But which sustainable decisions should you be making for your business or at home? Are you doing everything it takes?

 We share a social responsibility to make a change. To reduce waste. To embrace environmentally friendly solutions and materials, over traditional, outdated ones. To help each other make truly sustainable choices.

That’s where ECO Lights comes in. We are a UK based LED Lighting brand, helping businesses stick to their sustainable goals by providing energy efficient LED bulbs. We are shining a light on the latest lighting technologies, to break the cycle of companies’ unsustainable lighting business models. Because we believe that we should put our money where our mouth is in creating environmentally friendly products with actual, significant results. We are not only advocates of ‘living green’, we aim to educate, engage and move leading companies towards more sustainable goals in their lighting.

 “We aim to make the world greener, one LED bulb at a time.”

 Lighting is an overlooked sector when it comes to healthcare environments. Picking the right lights for your business or any other space (such as hotels, schools, retail and even residential spaces) can be confusing, as there are lots of options to choose from. Should you go for cheap Halogen bulbs or CFL bulbs? Which LED lights suit your needs best? How can you best illuminate your environment as well as save money and energy?

Taking a shortcut and avoiding the consulting of experts can definitely save you time and money in the short run. However, if you want to make effective, sustainable decisions in the long run, look for reliable solutions. Spending some extra time to understand LED lighting technologies and picking suitable LED bulbs can make an astonishing difference to making effective, sustainable decisions.

If time is precious then you have no time to waste, we provide in-depth support to people like you. Simplifying the process of purchasing LED lighting and providing you practical LED lighting guides, tailored to your needs. So you can correctly illuminate your space whilst saving money and energy.

Traditional Lighting VS. New LED Technologies

 A lot has changed in the past few years, when it comes to lighting technologies. Incandescent were once a popular bulb for residential and commercial spaces. Traditional incandescent lighting, whilst cost effective, is not a sustainable option and has been replaced with other lighting technologies.

Halogen bulbs were a follow-up to incandescent bulbs. These bulbs, shine bright and can still be found today. They were a popular option for businesses, but these halogen bulbs are only cost-effective in the short run. We’re here to make sustainable choices and reduce waste. Look at short-term solutions means we will not be able to help the earth, nor its people. For any home or business, making sustainable LED lighting decisions is not just a moral issue, but a dire need to set straight the structure of the company, whilst also an important ethical issue.

“..Making sustainable LED lighting decisions is not just a moral issue, but a dire need. To set straight the ethical structure of a company whilst also an important ethical issue.”

 Luckily, technology is on our side. The latest LED light technologies, which we have embraced in the production of our LED bulbs, make it easier for people to contribute to a healthier environment.

 For instance, the Compact Fluorescent Lighting (CFL) technology was invented to replace most inefficient Halogen bulbs. You can recognise CFL bulbs by its distinctive swirl shape, that looks nothing like the Edison bulb we all know well. CFL bulbs however, despite saving energy, usually contain traces of mercury and cannot be disposed easily, especially if broken. CFL bulbs cannot be dimmed either, so when compared to LED lights, they are less versatile and less environmentally friendly.

Which is why LED light technologies excites us so much. A regular Halogen incandescent bulb burns-out after 3000 hours. A LED bulb on the other hand, lasts 10x longer, shining bright for a staggering 25.000-30.000 hours. It reduces maintenance costs, saves energy and money in the long run, thanks to its incredibly technology and performance. LED lights, are truly the only sustainable light bulbs any home or business should go for. It’s the smartest choice for all premises!

If you are in need of replacing your current lighting system, or if you are ready to make the right decision to illuminate your space, do get in touch with our ECO Lights team. We can help you assess how much money and carbon you will be saving when you make the switch to LED lights. Our bulbs can easily be retrofitted in your existing fittings, so you will not have to spend extra time and money on maintenance.

If you’re ready to make the switch, visit our LED lighting categories for more information and to see the ECO Lights LED bulbs you can choose from. Our stock caters for all needs, and we deliver any bulb swiftly. At ECO lights, we are committed to making eco-friendly choices, and we hope you do, too.